Not So Cheeky Lately

I get it. I know. ‘The Cheeky Genova’ hasn’t been so cheeky lately. More doom and gloom, right? That vortex of negativity I used to reference in my videos – jeez, haven’t done one of those in a while – I guess I’m stuck in it. But why? And how do I snap out ofContinue reading “Not So Cheeky Lately”

Easy Buys to Treat Yourself

Take a lesson from “Parks and Rec.” 7 unnecessary things to buy right now that’ll having you feeling yourself by treating yourself. 1. (Starting with an easy, practical choice) Cashmere Sweater Yes, we know you love your sweats and have been reveling in #WFH attire. But if you’re anything like me you’ve started to getContinue reading “Easy Buys to Treat Yourself”

Unshouldering – Heart Dump

A vulnerable open letter. This post straddles a place between rant and open letter, hopefully more the latter. It’s a heart dump. I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing it except for the fact that last night something started to change. So I am sharing it with you. Yesterday, on a crisp fall evening, IContinue reading “Unshouldering – Heart Dump”

8 Lessons I Learned From Professional Failure

In 2018 I began working in the US branch of an international public affairs and association management consultancy. By 2020, the US office would be closed and operations dissolved.In November of 2019, knowing my current job would soon be obsolete, I accepted a new role working for a small, family-owned, DC-based organization focused on earlyContinue reading “8 Lessons I Learned From Professional Failure”

How To NOT Snap – My String Strategy | Harnessing Indifference To Stay Centered

Imagine a string that comprises all aspects of mental health: mood (positive and negative), emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, joy, grief), stress, anxiety, and of course, illness. At rest, the string is stable with weight distributed equally. Then something happens, a trigger. Maybe an incident at work or a fight with a spouse. Add a weightContinue reading “How To NOT Snap – My String Strategy | Harnessing Indifference To Stay Centered”

Three Ways to Cope With Uncertainty | by Christine L. Carter, Ph.D.

What should we do when everything feels so out of control? Living with so much uncertainty is hard. Human beings crave information about the future in the same way we crave food, sex, and other primary rewards. Our brains perceive ambiguity as a threat, and they try to protect us by diminishing our ability toContinue reading “Three Ways to Cope With Uncertainty | by Christine L. Carter, Ph.D.”

VIDEO – Early Warning Signs | My Mental Health Diagnosis Journey

Only my second video so I am still getting the hang of it but I hope you find this helpful. My ‘Early Warning Signs’ video is about my Diagnosis Journey. I’ve never talked about the path to my bipolar diagnosis, a journey that took over 15 years. Here I am going into detail about theContinue reading “VIDEO – Early Warning Signs | My Mental Health Diagnosis Journey”

No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer

Although taking a vacation in 2020 may seem unattainable — which is completely on brand for this insane year — there’s significant scientific evidence to prove taking time off is more important now than ever. The 2008 article “No-Vacation Nation” authored by my fellow University of Florida alum, John de Graaf, explores the workaholic U.S.Continue reading “No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer”

Day 1 Of My New Job | Let’s Contribute A Verse

“You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all.”Dead Poets Society Today is my first day of work! As in the first day I am pursuing a more unconventional career in favor of my passions and writing. AmContinue reading “Day 1 Of My New Job | Let’s Contribute A Verse”

Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)

There is no magic pill or potion to make stress and anxiety disappear. But we got juice. And that’s a start. It goes without saying, these are stressful times. Between home life, work life, work at home life, love life, family life, friend life, mask life, new normal life, and all the other factors comprisingContinue reading “Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)”