Day 1 Of My New Job | Let’s Contribute A Verse

“You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all.”Dead Poets Society Today is my first day of work! As in the first day I am pursuing a more unconventional career in favor of my passions and writing. AmContinue reading “Day 1 Of My New Job | Let’s Contribute A Verse”

Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled

“Be an unstoppable force of ambition, determination, and inspiration.” Today, as I draft my notice of resignation from my current employer, I’m sad. I feel uneasy, unsure, uncomfortable, all the “uns” while trying to muster up the courage to leave. To take on the unknown. My Head | Uncertain How do I put this that’sContinue reading “Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled”

Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9

Because sometimes it takes a miracle to get through Monday. I believe in miracles and I believe miracles have the profound capacity to touch people universally. On “Miracle Mondays” I want to share real-life inspiring stories: scientific and faith-based, as big as life-changing events/people, and as small or practical as getting a job/positive reinforcement. MiraclesContinue reading “Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9”

The Albatross In The Rabbit Hole

I am sharing this post, originally published in 2015 as part of “The Bipolar Bastille,” to provide context. A reminder I’m here today. Which means the darkest days will end and the sun will rise again. We will get through this, and if you relate to this post, if you’re down that rabbit hold, reachContinue reading “The Albatross In The Rabbit Hole”