Harnessing Positive Vibes | 6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Mental Health “Good Days”

“…use your disability to be more clutch, not as a crutch.” When we talk about mental health in the news, social media, medicine, so often the conversation has a tendency towards “doom and gloom.” I too am guilty of focusing on the challenges of living with a mental health disability, as if every day isContinue reading “Harnessing Positive Vibes | 6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Mental Health “Good Days””

VIDEO – Early Warning Signs | My Mental Health Diagnosis Journey

Only my second video so I am still getting the hang of it but I hope you find this helpful. My ‘Early Warning Signs’ video is about my Diagnosis Journey. I’ve never talked about the path to my bipolar diagnosis, a journey that took over 15 years. Here I am going into detail about theContinue reading “VIDEO – Early Warning Signs | My Mental Health Diagnosis Journey”

No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer

Although taking a vacation in 2020 may seem unattainable — which is completely on brand for this insane year — there’s significant scientific evidence to prove taking time off is more important now than ever. The 2008 article “No-Vacation Nation” authored by my fellow University of Florida alum, John de Graaf, explores the workaholic U.S.Continue reading “No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer”

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Doing A Part II So Soon | The Silenced Grief – Miscarriage

Video post. Last week I wrote about my struggle with “complicated grief” after the death of my grandmother. This weekend my family had another major loss. I promise to return to talking top travel and skincare tips soon, but first, this.

Grief. It’s Complicated.

I know people are yearning for positive content in an effort to escape our distressing reality, but for many, the path to “normal” post-COVID will be through grief. So while this may not be what anyone necessarily wants to read right now, this is what everyone needs to read. *This will not be my mostContinue reading “Grief. It’s Complicated.”

Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)

There is no magic pill or potion to make stress and anxiety disappear. But we got juice. And that’s a start. It goes without saying, these are stressful times. Between home life, work life, work at home life, love life, family life, friend life, mask life, new normal life, and all the other factors comprisingContinue reading “Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)”