Not So Cheeky Lately

I get it. I know. ‘The Cheeky Genova’ hasn’t been so cheeky lately. More doom and gloom, right? That vortex of negativity I used to reference in my videos – jeez, haven’t done one of those in a while – I guess I’m stuck in it. But why? And how do I snap out ofContinue reading “Not So Cheeky Lately”

A Letter to Chrissy | Say

Dear Chrissy, It feels strange to open this letter with ‘how are you.’ Yet, wishing people asked more often, I’ll say: How are you? I can only pretend to know how you’re feeling right now. Perhaps it’s the walls of the world crumbling, the skies collapsing, the ground shaking. For me, it was as ifContinue reading “A Letter to Chrissy | Say”

The Wrong Damn Thing | Stop Saying This Now

Just a heads up, I think this will be a controversial post. I don’t mean it to. But alas, while everyone became focused on not being “soft” or “overly sensitive” we lost so much insight into compassion and empathy. We’re all guilty of “saying the wrong thing” from time to time. That said, saying theContinue reading “The Wrong Damn Thing | Stop Saying This Now”

Unshouldering – Heart Dump

A vulnerable open letter. This post straddles a place between rant and open letter, hopefully more the latter. It’s a heart dump. I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing it except for the fact that last night something started to change. So I am sharing it with you. Yesterday, on a crisp fall evening, IContinue reading “Unshouldering – Heart Dump”

Your “Hard Life” Is Your Gift | Why some people’s lives are harder than others – What you need to read today

Why are some people’s lives objectively harder than others? Yes, “everyone has their shit,” but still, since the dawn of time this question has plagued philosophers, clergymen, doctors, artists, and yes, even us mere mortals. I myself have looked at those around me and pondered this great mystery. But isn’t it funny. The answer isContinue reading “Your “Hard Life” Is Your Gift | Why some people’s lives are harder than others – What you need to read today”

How To NOT Snap – My String Strategy | Harnessing Indifference To Stay Centered

Imagine a string that comprises all aspects of mental health: mood (positive and negative), emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, joy, grief), stress, anxiety, and of course, illness. At rest, the string is stable with weight distributed equally. Then something happens, a trigger. Maybe an incident at work or a fight with a spouse. Add a weightContinue reading “How To NOT Snap – My String Strategy | Harnessing Indifference To Stay Centered”

Three Ways to Cope With Uncertainty | by Christine L. Carter, Ph.D.

What should we do when everything feels so out of control? Living with so much uncertainty is hard. Human beings crave information about the future in the same way we crave food, sex, and other primary rewards. Our brains perceive ambiguity as a threat, and they try to protect us by diminishing our ability toContinue reading “Three Ways to Cope With Uncertainty | by Christine L. Carter, Ph.D.”

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Doing A Part II So Soon | The Silenced Grief – Miscarriage

Video post. Last week I wrote about my struggle with “complicated grief” after the death of my grandmother. This weekend my family had another major loss. I promise to return to talking top travel and skincare tips soon, but first, this.

Grief. It’s Complicated.

I know people are yearning for positive content in an effort to escape our distressing reality, but for many, the path to “normal” post-COVID will be through grief. So while this may not be what anyone necessarily wants to read right now, this is what everyone needs to read. *This will not be my mostContinue reading “Grief. It’s Complicated.”