For Dummies, The Series: Eye Patches – My Top 8 Picks

It’s no secret I LOVE eye patches. These comma-shaped skincare weapons might not be part of your daily routine, but I can’t think of any other product more effective at making one look fresh and well-rested in an instant. Don’t get too caught up in the semantics of patches v. masks, it’s all about theContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Eye Patches – My Top 8 Picks”

For Dummies, The Series: Facial Oils

Facial oils, are they worth the hype? The hard truth is that facial oils are a ‘nice to have’ in your skincare routine. I wouldn’t categorize them as a staple like cleanser, exfoliant, serum, or moisturizer. A simple skincare routine can be complete without them. With that said, facial oils are a VERY NICE TOContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Facial Oils”