Easy Buys to Treat Yourself

Take a lesson from “Parks and Rec.” 7 unnecessary things to buy right now that’ll having you feeling yourself by treating yourself. 1. (Starting with an easy, practical choice) Cashmere Sweater Yes, we know you love your sweats and have been reveling in #WFH attire. But if you’re anything like me you’ve started to getContinue reading “Easy Buys to Treat Yourself”

Designer Spotlight | CLOSED

I’ve always been a simple black jeans kinda gal. “Why wear blue when you can wear black?” I think I’ve said that about 1000x. Then I saw the A BETTER BLUE Pearl jeans by German denim brand, Closed, and my entire perspective on jeans sortof, well, changed. A small, family-run company based in Hamburg, ClosedContinue reading “Designer Spotlight | CLOSED”

For Dummies, The Series: Eye Patches – My Top 8 Picks

It’s no secret I LOVE eye patches. These comma-shaped skincare weapons might not be part of your daily routine, but I can’t think of any other product more effective at making one look fresh and well-rested in an instant. Don’t get too caught up in the semantics of patches v. masks, it’s all about theContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Eye Patches – My Top 8 Picks”

No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer

Although taking a vacation in 2020 may seem unattainable — which is completely on brand for this insane year — there’s significant scientific evidence to prove taking time off is more important now than ever. The 2008 article “No-Vacation Nation” authored by my fellow University of Florida alum, John de Graaf, explores the workaholic U.S.Continue reading “No-Vacation Nation | No, You Still Can’t Cancel Summer”

TRY My Balanced Work From Home Routine | 10 Lbs Down, 500 Miles Later, 1000x Happier

As the architect of my routine, I use structure to create balance. For many of us accustomed to a productive, reliable cubicle or cloistered office, Work From Home (WFH) has been really tough. For some it’s the distractions, for others it’s the lack of socialization, then there are those folks who can’t establish boundaries andContinue reading “TRY My Balanced Work From Home Routine | 10 Lbs Down, 500 Miles Later, 1000x Happier”