Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)

There is no magic pill or potion to make stress and anxiety disappear. But we got juice. And that’s a start. It goes without saying, these are stressful times. Between home life, work life, work at home life, love life, family life, friend life, mask life, new normal life, and all the other factors comprisingContinue reading “Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)”

Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started

I imagine the topic of managing mental health in the workplace will be more relevant in the post-COVID era than ever before. While I hope none of this is new, I think it’s worth bringing up again as we enter the “new normal.” That Was Then It was early October, 2018. I had just gottenContinue reading “Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started”

Anxiety | The Elephant In The Room Is The One On My Chest

Anxiety is not universally experienced. This is how I understand and manage my anxiety as a bipolar person. Anxiety is a BIG topic. It’s unique to every person. For some, “reasonable” levels of anxiety are normal, and for others, anxiety is a debilitating mental health disorder. So I am going to describe anxiety from myContinue reading “Anxiety | The Elephant In The Room Is The One On My Chest”

Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9

Because sometimes it takes a miracle to get through Monday. I believe in miracles and I believe miracles have the profound capacity to touch people universally. On “Miracle Mondays” I want to share real-life inspiring stories: scientific and faith-based, as big as life-changing events/people, and as small or practical as getting a job/positive reinforcement. MiraclesContinue reading “Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9”

The Albatross In The Rabbit Hole

I am sharing this post, originally published in 2015 as part of “The Bipolar Bastille,” to provide context. A reminder I’m here today. Which means the darkest days will end and the sun will rise again. We will get through this, and if you relate to this post, if you’re down that rabbit hold, reachContinue reading “The Albatross In The Rabbit Hole”