Grief. It’s Complicated.

I know people are yearning for positive content in an effort to escape our distressing reality, but for many, the path to “normal” post-COVID will be through grief. So while this may not be what anyone necessarily wants to read right now, this is what everyone needs to read. *This will not be my mostContinue reading “Grief. It’s Complicated.”

7 Different Wines with Low-Calorie Count

by Katherine May Wine is a healthy drink, brimming with antioxidants. But the glass you topped too many times for the past couple of days is probably why you need to run an extra mile. The number of calories present in certain kinds of wines could be a shocking revelation for most of us. InContinue reading “7 Different Wines with Low-Calorie Count”

Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)

There is no magic pill or potion to make stress and anxiety disappear. But we got juice. And that’s a start. It goes without saying, these are stressful times. Between home life, work life, work at home life, love life, family life, friend life, mask life, new normal life, and all the other factors comprisingContinue reading “Cortisol 101 | Drink This to Lower Stress & Anxiety (Made Easy)”

5 Easy Steps To Great Skin – For Men

These easy 5-step skincare routines might be tailored to meet a man’s needs, but they are so good your girlfriend will want to steal them for herself! Featuring Kiehl’s & Darphin. This is an actual conversation that just took place with my husband: Husband: I think the cream I am using is causing me toContinue reading “5 Easy Steps To Great Skin – For Men”

Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started

I imagine the topic of managing mental health in the workplace will be more relevant in the post-COVID era than ever before. While I hope none of this is new, I think it’s worth bringing up again as we enter the “new normal.” That Was Then It was early October, 2018. I had just gottenContinue reading “Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started”