“GOOP” with the Flow | 6 Easy Beauty Lessons Learned in 2020

This post started last night when I was trying to get ready for dinner and realized I basically FORGOT how to do makeup. For all the hours of YouTube videos on beauty tips, tricks, and reviews, I couldn’t for the life of me pull together a look. Which got me thinking much more existentially: whatContinue reading ““GOOP” with the Flow | 6 Easy Beauty Lessons Learned in 2020″

In “Petal Moments” | How to Talk about Miscarriage – Holiday Edition

A simple guide to express how you’re processing miscarriage without feeling like it’s TMI. While so many couples head into the 2020 holiday season excited as they await “quarennial” baby additions in the new year, just as many couples (if not more) are wondering, waiting, grieving, imaging “what could have been.” No “arrival” ornaments adorningContinue reading “In “Petal Moments” | How to Talk about Miscarriage – Holiday Edition”

For Dummies, The Series: Face Cleanser

Once is never enough, let’s talk cleansing again!Quick Cleansing Rules and My Top 5 Cleanser Picks Ah face cleanser. The most important part of any skincare routine, yet until about two years ago I never gave it two thoughts. Recently however I’ve been getting questions about cleanser. I think we’ve all finally realized that withoutContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Face Cleanser”

Not So Cheeky Lately

I get it. I know. ‘The Cheeky Genova’ hasn’t been so cheeky lately. More doom and gloom, right? That vortex of negativity I used to reference in my videos – jeez, haven’t done one of those in a while – I guess I’m stuck in it. But why? And how do I snap out ofContinue reading “Not So Cheeky Lately”

A Letter to Chrissy | Say

Dear Chrissy, It feels strange to open this letter with ‘how are you.’ Yet, wishing people asked more often, I’ll say: How are you? I can only pretend to know how you’re feeling right now. Perhaps it’s the walls of the world crumbling, the skies collapsing, the ground shaking. For me, it was as ifContinue reading “A Letter to Chrissy | Say”