Good Things Come In
Pill Packages

I take the perfect pink pill, along with the perfect green pill, the perfect white pill, the perfect yellow pill…you get where I’m going. Beautiful things can come in pill-sized packages. Mental health needs to be debunked. How I leverage my disability to be a bit more extraordinary. Cause having it ‘all together’ is antiquated and overrated.
Also, quite boring. Let’s chat about it.
Mental Health


Not So Cheeky Lately

I get it. I know. ‘The Cheeky Genova’ hasn’t been so cheeky lately. More doom and gloom, right? That vortex of negativity I used to reference in my videos – jeez, haven’t done one of those in a while – I guess I’m stuck in it. But why? And how do I snap out ofContinue reading “Not So Cheeky Lately”

A Letter to Chrissy | Say

Dear Chrissy, It feels strange to open this letter with ‘how are you.’ Yet, wishing people asked more often, I’ll say: How are you? I can only pretend to know how you’re feeling right now. Perhaps it’s the walls of the world crumbling, the skies collapsing, the ground shaking. For me, it was as ifContinue reading “A Letter to Chrissy | Say”

Hat Box Travel

My travel philosophy: make the hat box era proud. By that I mean I LIVE for the ‘Golden Age’ of travel at the height of 1950s – 1960s glamour. Hat boxes are emblematic of a sophisticated and seasoned traveler. And although they aren’t as common these days, rest assured your trusty Tumi will work just fine.
So lets plan our next getaway circa Lauren Bacall CDG arrivals gate. The Pandemic will end. Adventuring never will. Lets get ready to discover the ‘new normal.’ Pack your bag…and a great hat. It’s time to explore, together, again.


Chanel Coromandel

Beauty is one of my favorite forms of self-expression. In the wise words of DAME Elizabeth Taylor, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” Have truer words have ever been spoken? Lipstick, more specifically, the power of red lipstick, is virtually unmatched. It’s timeless. It’s confident. It’s totally chic. It’s just a vibe…a BOSS vibe. When I need a boost, a little red lipstick will do the trick. Follow me, we’ll find your perfect red and uncover the beauty that makes you feel fierce.
Oh my red, it’s Chanel Coromandel.

Skin. It’s In.

Skincare is a great passion of mine. I am not an expert, but I LOVE trying new things and sharing my learnings. In the WFH era, all the more reason to spend precious time pampering ourselves through home skincare tips and tricks. Give me ALL the flowery, fragrant, fancy things. And, if we spend extra time taking care of our skin in the day, that makes up for drinking extra wine at night, right?

Dress The Part, Fool ‘Em All

Fashion is silly and playful. But it’s also serious and important. Somehow fashion has always delivered on functioning as both economic and frivolous. That being so, clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.
Fashion, it’s with us for all the big and small moments in our lives: from birthdays and vacations, to first dates and weddings, even post-breakup ‘glow up’ attire. Fashion is a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. And I like it.

My Why?

In 2015, I changed my life.
That year I made a commitment to myself to live to the fullest and have more fun. I was going to achieve success, and every.single.dream.
And I was going to use my bipolar disorder to be more clutchnot as a crutch.

The story goes…I went back to school, moved, lost love, and started anew. I WILLED a new life into existence, with a LOT of determination and help along the way. Tears were shed, but after some time, it all came together. My personal life became a thing of magic and fairy tales. I got my ‘I can be proud of this title’ job. And I had a good run at the corporate world.

Now it’s time to start anew, again. I’m not doing a complete overhaul, thank God. This time, it’s about owning my writing and pursuing what I love. ‘Finding my purpose’ if you will.

“The Cheeky Genova” will explore my interests and passions, shed light on some tough issues, and hold me accountable to deliver honest and helpful content. I’ve got a new job title now.