Easy Buys to Treat Yourself

Take a lesson from “Parks and Rec.”
7 unnecessary things to buy right now that’ll having you feeling yourself by treating yourself.

1. (Starting with an easy, practical choice) Cashmere Sweater

Brochu Walker

Yes, we know you love your sweats and have been reveling in #WFH attire. But if you’re anything like me you’ve started to get a bit bored of the same lululemon leggings and old college sweatshirts. Switch it up. You could go cotton or wool, but why not splurge on a nice cashmere option (or steal one from your boyfriend; maybe you even have an old one buried somewhere). Start adding a sweater to the rotation. You’ll be just a cozy but make it luxe.

2. Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask ($89)

I know what you’re thinking, again with the Chantecaille recommendations. But really, as a non Chantecaille rep I can attest to this mask’s efficacy. I love to layer it on top other moisturizers to add extra hydration, especially at night. As a bonus, it’s holiday season so you’ll likely find a killer set with a buy one and get a second travel size free!

3. Kjaer Weiss Lip Tint in Goddess ($49)

The price of this lip tint is silly at a whopping $49. But the color payoff in the deeper shades like Goddess (rich burgundy) makes it worth your while. Keep your lips hydrated and don’t be afraid to dab a bit onto cheeks if you want an instant flush of color.

4. Noto Botanics HYDRA Highlighter Pot ($28)

This little pot is full of wonders. In the age of no makeup makeup, this guy delivers natural color and sheen without the glitter and tackiness. Perfect for FaceTime with family, Virtual Weddings, the dreaded Zoom meeting and more.

5. Audio Language Books for Beginners

Even before “Emily in Paris” I was living for my French Audible language books. They’re a nice intro to the basics and let you escape to the vacation hot spot of your choice. Tune in while you walk, run, or Peloton away and you kill two birds with one stone: workout and language class. Aren’t you an overachiever 🙂

6. Knee-High Boots

Dries Van Note

We must not lose sight of the fact that one day life will return to “normal,” albeit completely new. So you will still need some standout pieces in your wardrobe. 60s/70s-inspired knee-high boots bring the fun of Austin Powers to your increasingly practical capsule wardrobe (especially after you cleansed your closet post Netflix’s “The Home Edit”). My recommendation: Marni, Miu Miu, Dries Van Noten, heck even Vaultier if you’re feeling EXTRA.

7. Destination-Themed Cookie Cutters
(search Etsy & William’s Sonoma for options)

Is this unnecessary? Bien sûr. But while most of us skipped summer holidays while looking at a world that’s nothing short of entirely bananas, cookie CAN help (just a little). The very least you can do for yourself is make a batch of sugar cookies shaped like monuments from the destination you’re dreaming of. Bringing it full circle: that cashmere sweater will hide any holiday baking, destination cooking pounds. Further, you’ll burn it off while working out to your language book! Voila!

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