7 Different Wines with Low-Calorie Count

by Katherine May Wine is a healthy drink, brimming with antioxidants. But the glass you topped too many times for the past couple of days is probably why you need to run an extra mile. The number of calories present in certain kinds of wines could be a shocking revelation for most of us. InContinue reading “7 Different Wines with Low-Calorie Count”

Yes You CAN: 3 Canned Wine Varietals To Try

If you asked me pre-Quarantine if my snobby Veuve Clicquot-loving, Brunello-drinking, Sancerre-sipping self would be writing about CANNED wine, I would think you were mad. But alas, here we are. I am new to canned wine, mostly because I judged it prematurely as being REALLY crappy wine and no amount of niche was going toContinue reading “Yes You CAN: 3 Canned Wine Varietals To Try”