I Didn’t Think I’d Be Doing A Part II So Soon | The Silenced Grief – Miscarriage

Last week I wrote about my struggle with “complicated grief” after the death of my grandmother. This weekend my family had another major loss. I promise to return to talking top travel and skincare tips soon, but first, this.
I do not want The Cheeky Genova to be a vortex for negativity, but the world is grieving right now and I think we need to spend more time talking about healthy and unhealthy grief, and how to help one another.
After the death of my grandfather this weekend I was left without words to write. Thus I opted to record this video. When thinking about what value my loss could possibly bring, I began to think of a grief I face everyday but have almost never spoken of, my miscarriage.
1 in 4 women miscarry, yet it is considered so taboo we tell women not to disclose their pregnancy until the second trimester. I’ve called it “The Silenced Grief.” If I am going to talk about mental health and grief, I want to be authentic and also shed light on this important topic so that all women going through a similar experience know they are not alone.
With love,

*There is an error in the first few minutes. It was my Nanni, my mother’s mother who past.*

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