Designer Spotlight | CLOSED

I’ve always been a simple black jeans kinda gal. “Why wear blue when you can wear black?” I think I’ve said that about 1000x. Then I saw the A BETTER BLUE Pearl jeans by German denim brand, Closed, and my entire perspective on jeans sortof, well, changed.

A small, family-run company based in Hamburg, Closed is committed to producing a high-quality, eco-friendly denim line combining traditional workmanship and innovative technique.

“French imagination. Italian craftsmanship. German tradition. These influences are carried within our products. All over the world. And they shape us. As a company. As a brand. As a family business. To forge new paths, without losing our way. Always following an aesthetic, high-quality approach.”

As first pass I thought, just another cool yet pricey denim brand. But upon further inspection I was taken with the Closed details, specifically their wide leg jeans and of course, their signature “X-Pocket.”

“Our X-pockets have been around for more than 40 years. And they’re here to stay! Designed in 1978 for our Pedal Pusher Denim, they allow easier access to the front pocket. Angled at 33 degrees, they create the eponymous X-shape. They continue to inspire our design team, which created a whole little X-Family with these signature pockets.”

New to me but not new to denim, Closed is the ultimate cool girl’s jean. With roots dating back to the 70s, Closed has a point of view and an undeniably intriguing way with denim. Trading in trendy high rise stretch jeans for interesting, gender bending shapes, they manage to be most definitely about denim, while maintaining a commitment to so much more.

Leather, silks, and eco-fibers can be found throughout the CLOSED collection, each sourced with the environment in mind.

“We treat our resources with respect. Because we care about the environment and animals – and because they are the key to Closed’s trademark quality. It is important to us to produce our collections with less of an environmental impact. And we will keep on doing so. That’s a promise!”

In addition, Closed is committed to:

  • No fur, angora or down.
  • Wool is mulesing-free.
  • The cow and lambskin are exclusively by-products of the food industry.
  • Fabric and yarn suppliers ensure that all animal fibers used in our Closed products come from animal farms that comply with internationally valid production guidelines.

At a price point hovering between $200-$300 a pop, many of us won’t necessarily be able to collect a dozen or so pairs of Closed jeans, but then again, it doesn’t appear they are going anywhere anytime soon, so you’ve got time. And with jeans this cool, I think just one pair can make your entire wardrobe infinitely more edgy. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this incredible family story? Learn more about Closed, the team, and their process here.

Oh, and although I’m focusing on jeans, Closed has a full collection of men’s, women’s, and kid’s pieces including tops, outerwear, shoes, and more.

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