Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled

“Be an unstoppable force of ambition, determination, and inspiration.” Today, as I draft my notice of resignation from my current employer, I’m sad. I feel uneasy, unsure, uncomfortable, all the “uns” while trying to muster up the courage to leave. To take on the unknown. My Head | Uncertain How do I put this that’sContinue reading “Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled”

Where To Wander | A Morning At The Market – Ortigia, Sicily

“The aroma of bright citrus, fresh basil, and aged dry herbs clashes with an intrusive medley of anchovies and sardines. Then comes along a strong note of ricotta and burrata, a finish of coals from oven-fresh loaves and roasted garlic cloves. The confusing scented market plume should be a bit off-putting, but in this caseContinue reading “Where To Wander | A Morning At The Market – Ortigia, Sicily”

Where To Wander | Sunrise in Ortigia, Sicily

“The sunrise over Ortigia, Sicily, is as close to heaven as the gates themselves. With the city’s patron saint Santa Lucia playing Peter, those she welcomes to her whimsical world enjoy all the splendors of the gods.“ Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily. Where to begin. Yes, you should vacation here. It should be at the very topContinue reading “Where To Wander | Sunrise in Ortigia, Sicily”

For Dummies, The Series: Waterproof Makeup

As a rule of thumb, waterproof makeup is not all that great for your skin. It typically isn’t formulated for daily use and should be reserved only for special occasions. That being so, when waterproof is a must, these are the products I would recommend to look great while making a splash! Let me startContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Waterproof Makeup”

Designer Spotlight | Jacquemus

Summer isn’t cancelled which means you still need to spice up your wardrobe with some fresh pieces for the season. And although I’m not normally a big color girl this year I’m advocating for everyone to take a more fun, youthful approach to summer style. Enter (if he isn’t already there) JACQUEMUS. This may haveContinue reading “Designer Spotlight | Jacquemus”

5 Easy Steps To Great Skin – For Men

These easy 5-step skincare routines might be tailored to meet a man’s needs, but they are so good your girlfriend will want to steal them for herself! Featuring Kiehl’s & Darphin. This is an actual conversation that just took place with my husband: Husband: I think the cream I am using is causing me toContinue reading “5 Easy Steps To Great Skin – For Men”

What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity | Harvard Business Review

I’ve been struggling with redefining my identity as I transition down a new professional path, so I thought, ‘I should write a blog post on this.’ But before I tell my story I want to share this insightful article from Harvard Business Review, “What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity.” I have alwaysContinue reading “What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity | Harvard Business Review”

10 NOT SO BASIC Things I Pack Every Trip

We all know the boring necessities for travel from converters to phone chargers to comfortable walking shoes. But I’ve rewritten the rules. Here are the 10 not so basic things I pack every trip. And yes, some of these items are a bit pricey but keep in mind, these are investments that will last youContinue reading “10 NOT SO BASIC Things I Pack Every Trip”

Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started

I imagine the topic of managing mental health in the workplace will be more relevant in the post-COVID era than ever before. While I hope none of this is new, I think it’s worth bringing up again as we enter the “new normal.” That Was Then It was early October, 2018. I had just gottenContinue reading “Mental Health In The Workplace | Let’s Try This Again – Why & How To Get Started”

For Dummies, The Series: Skin Tint

Skin tint, it’s all in the name: a tint, for the skin. That.IS.It. Simple and straightforward, which is why I love them. I should not be as excited to write this blog post as I am, but alas, here we are. I. LOVE. SKIN TINTS. I said it. I love them. For lazy people whoContinue reading “For Dummies, The Series: Skin Tint”