Where To Wander | A Morning At The Market – Ortigia, Sicily

“The aroma of bright citrus, fresh basil, and aged dry herbs clashes with an intrusive medley of anchovies and sardines. Then comes along a strong note of ricotta and burrata, a finish of coals from oven-fresh loaves and roasted garlic cloves. The confusing scented market plume should be a bit off-putting, but in this caseContinue reading “Where To Wander | A Morning At The Market – Ortigia, Sicily”

Where To Wander | Sunrise in Ortigia, Sicily

“The sunrise over Ortigia, Sicily, is as close to heaven as the gates themselves. With the city’s patron saint Santa Lucia playing Peter, those she welcomes to her whimsical world enjoy all the splendors of the gods.“ Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily. Where to begin. Yes, you should vacation here. It should be at the very topContinue reading “Where To Wander | Sunrise in Ortigia, Sicily”