Designer Spotlight | Jacquemus

Summer isn’t cancelled which means you still need to spice up your wardrobe with some fresh pieces for the season. And although I’m not normally a big color girl this year I’m advocating for everyone to take a more fun, youthful approach to summer style. Enter (if he isn’t already there) JACQUEMUS. This may haveContinue reading “Designer Spotlight | Jacquemus”

10 NOT SO BASIC Things I Pack Every Trip

We all know the boring necessities for travel from converters to phone chargers to comfortable walking shoes. But I’ve rewritten the rules. Here are the 10 not so basic things I pack every trip. And yes, some of these items are a bit pricey but keep in mind, these are investments that will last youContinue reading “10 NOT SO BASIC Things I Pack Every Trip”

Hat Box Travel | 13 “Must-Have” Hats For Your Next 13 Holidays

“A piece of magic is a hat.” – Martha Slither I LOVE a good hat, especially on holiday. They’re chic. They elevate any outfit. And they’re functional…most of the time. Whether they’re shielding you from the sun or helping you feel a bit extra, hats are the ultimate travel accessory. Destination: Copenhagen Ruslan Baginskiy –Continue reading “Hat Box Travel | 13 “Must-Have” Hats For Your Next 13 Holidays”