Quick & Easy Video | My Nanni’s Makeup Tricks – One Product Look

The quickest makeup look on the planet when you just need a bit of color.Starting with a clean surface no makeup, one product can make you feel fully pulled together. Look 1Products:Dior Blush in Shade 999Glossier Lip Balm Apply a bit of Lip Balm to the lipsticks. Lightly tap some blush some blush atop theContinue reading “Quick & Easy Video | My Nanni’s Makeup Tricks – One Product Look”

Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9

Because sometimes it takes a miracle to get through Monday. I believe in miracles and I believe miracles have the profound capacity to touch people universally. On “Miracle Mondays” I want to share real-life inspiring stories: scientific and faith-based, as big as life-changing events/people, and as small or practical as getting a job/positive reinforcement. MiraclesContinue reading “Miracle Monday | TMS Treatment 9”

Yes You CAN: 3 Canned Wine Varietals To Try

If you asked me pre-Quarantine if my snobby Veuve Clicquot-loving, Brunello-drinking, Sancerre-sipping self would be writing about CANNED wine, I would think you were mad. But alas, here we are. I am new to canned wine, mostly because I judged it prematurely as being REALLY crappy wine and no amount of niche was going toContinue reading “Yes You CAN: 3 Canned Wine Varietals To Try”