Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled

Be an unstoppable force of ambition, determination, and inspiration.”

Today, as I draft my notice of resignation from my current employer, I’m sad. I feel uneasy, unsure, uncomfortable, all the “uns” while trying to muster up the courage to leave. To take on the unknown.

My Head | Uncertain

How do I put this that’s both honest and respectful?
It’s Me…And It’s You.
I think, with the absolute best of intentions, I took on a role that was simply not a good fit (at least under these circumstances). The organization has a professional style and ethos that does not align with my own. THAT’S THE ME. And unfortunately, despite its many merits, this organization is not equipped to support me or adequately accommodate my mental health needs. THAT’S A BIG YOU. (See my “Mental Health In The Workplace” post for more insight on this topic.) So regrettably, I have to leave.

Quitting is hard for everyone. It’s hard for me because my head is telling me I’m weak. It’s that whole “my work is my identity” thing. I feel like I’m letting everyone around me down: my boss, my colleagues, my reports, myself. My head is saying that I’m giving up. Am I a loser? (what an awful way to think of oneself) Will those important people in my personal and professional life resent me? For years I thought I wasn’t successful or important unless I had an impressive title and some posh corner office. I didn’t quite get that far but I was sortof on my way.

My Heart | Unwavering

All that being so, I’m feeling other “uns” in this moment, including uncompromising. While my head might still be grappling with leaving, my heart is unwavering.

My heart is 100% certain this role is 1. weighing on my mental health, and 2. not going to satisfy me. I said when I started The Cheeky Genova, it’s time to be brave. Settle for nothing less in this life than to wake up everyday and achieve greatness. Be an unstoppable force of ambition, determination, and inspiration.

Visit my About page for more info on the story behind my drive.

As part of my DNA, I really do reach for the stars every moment of every day, and I don’t settle for much less. Which sounds arrogant, even bratty…
Aspiration and inspiration is like oxygen to me. There’s no such thing as an average life. I want to dream bigger, run faster, laugh harder…I want to ‘own every second that this world can give.
‘” – ABOUT

My Path | Unstuck

In my current role I’m not reaching my full potential. So I’m leaving to prioritize my wellbeing, especially my mental health, and chase my dreams. I expect many people will shrug this off as some phase or bound-to-fail venture, but this has been 10 years in the making. What will I do? Well write, of course.

I want to write. I NEED to write. I know my purpose in this life is to shed light on my struggles in order to advance difficult conversations and create a path forward for others.
(more about my first book on mental health coming soon)

I also love to write. I love to tell the stories of the Sicilians who steward the land I call home. I love to speak of what my brilliant grandmothers knew, and how life is a little more luxe today with their special secrets to light the way. I want to talk travel, beauty, fashion, all the places and ways we dream together, explore together, be better, together.
(there’s a book on this coming too)

I am quitting my job, but I am NOT unemployed. And again, I’m not giving up, even if it feels a little like that right now. Rather, once the dust settles, it’ll be clear I gave myself a promotion by starting with what I love, on the road less traveled. Oh, and working next to my rescue pup beats a corner office any day. My official new ‘dream’ title, forever more, is Laura Marie Genova, Writer & Author.

*Drafted some time ago.

3 thoughts on “Why I Quit My Job | The Promotion I Found On The Road Less Traveled

  1. I relate to this so much! I quit my job last year to focus on writing too. And it’s not fun explaining people that just because I don’t have a conventional office job, doesn’t mean I am unemployed. Well, all the best with the book!

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    1. Thank you! It’s tough to write right now as I am writing constantly so apologies in advance for the numerous copy errors. I can’t imagine how you do it. Although I guess I will have to. Stay tuned!

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