ALL YOU NEED THIS FALL IN ONE QUICK POST – 3 Stella McCartney Looks + the bonus piece that’ll make outerwear fun again

If you’re anything like me you probably haven’t worn much more than the same old sweats and lululemon workout gear for the past…I don’t know…entire 2020?! So maybe this fall it’s time to ease back into actual attire with cool girl, British ready-to-wear designer, Stella McCartney.

McCartney combines functional fashion and iconic British whimsy yet always keeping it a bit sporty. What better what to reenter the world of “real clothes” than fun, comfy frocks and funky shoes, Stella style. Here are three looks guaranteed to last you all fall and jive perfectly with the athleisure you’ve already got going.


Oh and not to worry, I didn’t totally forget that it is in fact fall so you will fancy an additional layer. In which case, you might as well make a splash (in the ‘yellow submarine’ of outerwear)!

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