Designer Spotlight | Alberta Ferretti

I try to transform a dream’s magic into reality.” – Alberta Ferretti

As I scroll through the fashion social media sphere, there is one designer noticeably absent from most Americans’ feeds: the incomparable,
Alberta Ferretti.

Ms. Ferretti is an icon by every definition. As one of the most important forces in Italian fashion for 40 years, Ferretti is synonymous with the sexy and fun “Italian woman,” emphasizing femininity through her trademark twisting, tucking, draping techniques, and of course, her unparalleled way with color.

Even more surprising Alberta Ferretti is foreign to many Americans is that she’s one of the most viral designers on the planet thanks to her Day of the Week collections of t-shirts, sweaters, accessories, and more. You know that jumper in playful yellow reading “THURSDAY” you saw last week on IG (insert any influencer), yea, that’s Ferretti.

I fell in love with Alberta Ferretti a few years ago when I stumbled into her boutique in Rome to discover a magical collection full of sea-inspired gowns. Since then I’ve followed Ms. Ferretti closely, waiting for the next piece that’s going to sweep me away.

I’ve never stopped dreaming of her floor-length red cape seen round the world or that oversized green bow back jacket from last year’s limited edition capsule collection.

Now, in defense of the US, Alberta Ferretti has no boutiques stateside. So perhaps you’ve never noticed her name jump out as she’s not a Madison Avenue staple. With that said, I’m introducing you to her now. And the timing couldn’t be any better. Alberta is doing a 50% off sale on her SS20 collection. Repeat 50% OFF, basically unheard of in the world of high-end fashion. So get online today and start browsing for the garment no one in the US (I promise, no one) will have.

Special Note: Dear Ms. Ferretti, thank you for keeping fashion fun. In times like these that’s one of the most important things.

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