In My Cart | 7 Items I’m Eyeing Online Right Now

We’ve all done it: add an item(s) to our cart while online shopping then leave, look, read reviews, consider, ponder, look again, suddenly a month passes (even two) and that goodie(s) is still in our cart. I am VERY guilty of this. I love to add items to my cart then wait on promotions, see if a newer collection drops, check out youtube first impressions, etc. It’s not that I am on the fence for these items, I want them. But do I NEED them?

I created this list of items in my online cart because even if I don’t necessarily make the leap for these amazing picks, maybe you will!

7 Items In My Cart Right Now

romualda Tala Giant extra wide brim reversible marbled hat
Why I like it: I’ve been drooling over giant bucket hats all season. At first I was all in on the Jacquemus options, but they aren’t as packable for holidays. So enter Romualda, a women-owned Spanish brand with handmade, hand-painted bespoke pieces. Of course I am looking at the biggest size because, why not?! I’ve got a few hats for this summer so I am not sure if I NEED it, but none of them are bucket hats. It’s been about a month and I just can’t take this colorful, reversible, fun summer option out of my cart.
Description: N/A
Cost: €200-350

Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm – Golden Hour
Why I like it: I LOVE cream blush and multitasking products. And I LOVE an orange shade for summer. So when I heard Tower 28 Beauty was quickly becoming a cult favorite, and at a very modest price-point, yes, I became a bit curious. It’s been out of stock at Sephora for months, but now that it’s back I just might have to give in. How does it compare to RMS Paradise? That’s what I am weighing. Do I need both? We’ll have to wait and see.
Description: A multitasking tinted balm for ultra-glowing lips and cheeks—minus the cakiness and harsh lines. BeachPlease blush delivers buildable color in a luminous, second-skin finish. This silicone-free formula is made with skin-loving, plant-based ingredients like green tea extract and aloe vera extract to give skin support with every application.
Cost: $20

Jacquemus La robe Manosque long dress
Why I like it: New to my cart is the Jacquemus Manosque dress. I must admit, after the first few passes this dress did nothing for me. I didn’t get the shape. Wasn’t taken with the color options. It was just, eh? THEN Vittoria Ceretti, maybe the biggest model on the planet and face of Chanel wore this Jacquemus number for her wedding and I was like, okay, maybe I was wrong. The dress, when worn, moves and has an ease that you might miss scrolling through photos online. And again, when a fashion darling chooses an affordable, non-traditional wedding dress for her special day, you have to give it a bit more consideration. Will this be my Affi 2020?
Description: The perfect summer style. Whether you’re going to the beach or for a sunset party, this La robe Manosque long dress from Jacquemus is the one to choose. The long flared style will make you the centre of attention. Got to have it, girl. Featuring spaghetti straps, a v-neck, a front button fastening, a sleeveless design, an a-line shape, a flared style and a long length.
Cost: $670

Victoria Beckham Croc-effect leather loafers
Why I like it: I’m not a big sandals girl. I’m also not a big sneakers girl, heels girl, ballet flats girl. Basically, I wear boots and mules. But, am I a loafers girl? I might be after seeing these! Victoria Beckham’s gorgeous loafers are not only practical and versatile, they’re cute! They have this chicness and something tells me that even my all black wardrobe will be refreshed by the flush of “color” in brown. I don’t have any V. Beckham pieces, but is it time to convert?
Description: N/A
Cost: $248 (80% off at The Outnet)

Chanel 2-in-1 Foundation Brush Fluid and Powder N°101
Why I like it: I have been WAITING for Chanel to release a full makeup brush set. And while I’m still waiting on a full brush set, this foundation brush has certainly caught my eye. I am a big fan of Chanel’s Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint, so to now have a full-sized brush for application…Um, YES! The tint comes with a mini sample brush, but I think having a proper brush would make application of this product and other liquid products even easier. And if it’s anything like the mini, the bristles will be amazing and the quality up to Chanel-standard. What’s holding me back: I just saw the release yesterday. It won’t be in my cart for long as it’ll be in my arsenal in a few days.
Description: A tapered foundation brush that adapts to facial contours for a smooth, even application of fluid, cream and powder formulas.
Cost: $50

Azeeza Nella Drawstring Mini Dress
Why I like it: The longest standing item in my cart, this Azeeza dress just makes me smile. Again, a brand I have never worn, but something about the shape seems light and airy; perfect for a getaway. I’m a bit worried about this being low-cut or making me look…rotund. But still, it might hide that mozzarella weight coming with my August Sicilian getaway.
Description: N/A
Cost: $477

Joelle Ciocco Pure Botanicals Oils Gel
Why I like it: Look, I’ve been pretty open about my unhealthy obsession with Joelle Ciocco. As a diehard Chantecaille and Darphin fan, Joelle Ciocco has truly upped my skincare game by finding a perfect place in my rotation.
So does the Pure Botanicals Oils Gel have a home in casa Genova? The ingredients are nothing short of impressive: black cumin oil, avocado oil, passion fruit and apricot kernel oils, clove oil…the list goes on. They deliver on all the brightening, anti-aging, hydrating, etc., without the chemicals. Some of these ingredients do show up in other products I love like her Elixir Nutrif and Blossom Cerate, but in one power move with Pure Botanicals could I get it all? TEMPTING!
Description: Pollution and non adapted cosmetics disturb your cutaneous flora causing allergies and inflammations. Daily your skin feels uncomfortable (redness, itching and dry feeling).\
I formulated Pure Botanical Oils Gel to help your skin membrane : the quintessence of a regenerating action serum that fuses instantly with your face to provide a protective, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-aging process.\
This handmade jewel is produced in small quantities its essence isn’t altered: an essential oil of clove that regulates the proliferation of bad bacteria on your face and protects it.\
The rich omegas content of the avocado and passion fruit seed oils combined with this formula deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin to give its elasticity.\
The dehydration process is slowing down for a direct action on natural anti-aging.\
A single drop of this nectar is enough to fill, repair and protect your skin while offering a unique sensory experience : a velvet touch and an rare comfort.
Cost: €321,67

If you have insight into any of these products don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to know what you think!

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