Designer Spotlight | ELLERY – The brand that must be on your wish list

New to me but not to the fashion scene, Australian-born, Paris-based womenswear house ELLERY is, quite frankly, a freaking dream.

“From architectural silhouettes to artistic inspirations, ELLERY encourages self-expression with a decisive and avant-garde aesthetic.”

Founded in 2007 by Aussie Kym Ellery, the brand is all about empowering women through luxury attire. A novel concept? Perhaps not. But ELLERY combines so much of the fashion world’s best: production in Italy, fabrics from South Korea, Switzerland, and France, inspired by popular culture, world art, social movements, cinema. More, the silhouettes. That’s the part that gets me. Neutrals with an occasional splash of color in the most voluminous and exciting shapes. ELLERY makes luxury and avant-garde wearable. The brand has kindof got it all (except for maybe an inclusive model muse cohort, there’s room for growth on that front).

ELLERY isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. These pieces aren’t trendy. Sure, they’re contemporary, but not dated. Which means you’ll be wearing them season after season. And at least here in the US, more specifically the not so fashion-savvy DC, you’ll never see yourself “coming and going” as my mother would say. (In other words, no need to worry about showing up to a party in the same dress as someone else, because oh, the horror.) On price point, well, it’s steep. HOWEVER, the internet has a ton of options to buy without busting your budget. See the Outnet, Farfetch, YOOX, and TheRealReal. And hey, it’s the holidays, so why not treat yourself to a quality ELLERY piece (or a few) that’ll most definitely last you for post-Quarantine life to come.

Build your wish list today at ELLERY.

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