Wine and Watch these 9 French-Inspired Shows & Movies While You Wait for Season 2 of Emily in Paris | Vogue

Emma Specter | November 11, 2020

Adjust your berets and dig your Picasso-style striped shirts out of the back of the closet, because the smash-hit Netflix series Emily in Paris is coming back for a second season.

While we—okay, I—have criticized elements of the show in the past (most notably its off-putting fatphobia), it’s still thrilling to hear that we’ll be getting a whole new season of Emily’s Parisian romps to binge-watch; after all, who among us is too good for the sugary-sweet escapism of a Darren Star production?

Season two of Emily in Paris likely won’t hit Netflix for a good long while, given the restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on many TV and film productions, but if you’re craving more Paris-inflected fish-out-of-water stories in the meantime, there’s plenty of fare out there for you. Below, find a list of the best TV shows and movies about Americans succumbing to the siren call of Paris.

  1. Funny Face (1957). This musical rom-com par excellence features a dashing photographer (Fred Astaire) who whisks a shy bookstore employee (Audrey Hepburn) off to Paris. Spoiler: Romance ensues.
  2. An American in Paris (1951). The title pretty much says it all! This Gershwin musical comedy about a set of Parisian expats is sure to make you long for Paree.
  3. Charade (1963). Yet another Audrey-Hepburn-in-Paris vehicle, and, really, who can go wrong with those?
  4. 2 Days in Paris (2007). A neurotic New Yorker follows his freewheeling French girlfriend to her native Paris and is overwhelmed by, well, pretty much everything in this sweet, slightly sad film.
  5. Before Sunset (2004). Once again, an American man is in love with the enchanting Julie Delpy. How could you not be? (Bonus points for the inclusion of Paris’s greatest bookstore, Shakespeare and Company.)
  6. Passport to Paris (1999). The Olsen twins manage to flirt with French boys and implement a proposal for clean drinking water at the French embassy in this undeniably charming kids movie. Not too shabby!
  7. Something’s Gotta Give (2003). Okay, maybe it’s a reach, but (spoiler): The end of the film finds Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson rekindling their love in the City of Light.
  8. Sex and the City, seasons two and six (1999 and 2004). Not only does protagonist Carrie Bradshaw find herself living in Paris in the show’s final season, but she also tries to seduce her soi-disant boyfriend Mr. Big earlier in the series by coming over in a beret with bags of McDonald’s (and, inevitably, whipping les frites at the wall when he tells her she shouldn’t follow him to Paris).
  9. Le Divorce (2003). When Kate Hudson rushes to her pregnant Parisian sister’s side in the wake of her titular divorce, a whole lot of oh-so-French shenanigans ensue.
Credit: Netflix

“9 Shows and Movies to Watch While You Wait for Season 2 of Emily in Paris”
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