How To Edit Your Closet | 10 Tips For Hoarders From A Hoarder

So I’m not really an organized person, yet there’s something about the idea of a perfect, OCD-approved closet that is truly illusive. And yes, I too have been taken by the closet/pantry/attic/you-name-it organization trend. But in my defense this isn’t a new phase as a result of Netflix’s “Home Edit” show. For me this startedContinue reading “How To Edit Your Closet | 10 Tips For Hoarders From A Hoarder”

VIDEO BLOG | My Top Vintage Shopping Tips

Check out my top vintage shopping tips! I break down vintage shopping to make it easy to find those hidden gems that will transform your wardrobe and most importantly, bring you major joy! Also as promised, here are just a few vintage shops I never miss:Isabelle Bajart – Brussels, BelgiumAloe&Wolf – Siena, ItalyOrnySun Vintage –Continue reading “VIDEO BLOG | My Top Vintage Shopping Tips”