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Designer Spotlight | ELLERY – The brand that must be on your wish list

New to me but not to the fashion scene, Australian-born, Paris-based womenswear house ELLERY is, quite frankly, a freaking dream. “From architectural silhouettes to artistic inspirations, ELLERY encourages self-expression with a decisive and avant-garde aesthetic.” Founded in 2007 by Aussie Kym Ellery, the brand is all about empowering women through luxury attire. A novel concept?Continue reading “Designer Spotlight | ELLERY – The brand that must be on your wish list”

In “Petal Moments” | How to Talk about Miscarriage – Holiday Edition

A simple guide to express how you’re processing miscarriage without feeling like it’s TMI. While so many couples head into the 2020 holiday season excited as they await “quarennial” baby additions in the new year, just as many couples (if not more) are wondering, waiting, grieving, imaging “what could have been.” No “arrival” ornaments adorningContinue reading “In “Petal Moments” | How to Talk about Miscarriage – Holiday Edition”

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