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Unshouldering – Heart Dump

A vulnerable open letter. This post straddles a place between rant and open letter, hopefully more the latter. It’s a heart dump. I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing it except for the fact that last night something started to change. So I am sharing it with you. Yesterday, on a crisp fall evening, IContinue reading “Unshouldering – Heart Dump”

How To Edit Your Closet | 10 Tips For Hoarders From A Hoarder

So I’m not really an organized person, yet there’s something about the idea of a perfect, OCD-approved closet that is truly illusive. And yes, I too have been taken by the closet/pantry/attic/you-name-it organization trend. But in my defense this isn’t a new phase as a result of Netflix’s “Home Edit” show. For me this startedContinue reading “How To Edit Your Closet | 10 Tips For Hoarders From A Hoarder”

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