Buy the Balm | The Best 6 Highlighter Sticks For Glossy Skin

Why should Instagram GenZers get all the glow?

Let’s face it, the days of holographic highlighters seem to have come to an end. Whether that’s due to the “no makeup makeup” movement, work from home, or simply a dying trend, we appear to have gravitated away from lunar luminescence in favor of something more natural; enter highlighter stick “balms.”

I’m going to limit this to those highlighter sticks that seem to perplex us the most, you know, the ones that double as vaseline at first pass. But these balms are not to be underestimated.

Yes, another Glossier mention as they really started the whole highlighter-stick-balm thing with their smash hit Haloscope. That is, if there were any balm highlighters before Haloscope, no one remembers them. With one swipe of a stick, Glossier lit up the highlighter game. You can now achieve the post-SoulCycle glow minus the yelling and smelling of spin class.

For many, the emollient and tacky consistency of a balm highlighter can be a major turn off, especially if you are a full face of makeup kindof gal; highlighter balms CAN lift and move product lying underneathe disrupting your “perfectly put together” look. And while marketing of this product is most definitely geared toward 20-somethings, highlighter balms, in contrast to powder, give a youthful complexion to aging skin without emphasizing texture. When applied by a delicate hand to just the high points of the face, highlighter balm is less sweat in a stick and more lit from within.

Whether you wanna try the OG or venture out for something more clean or color-forward, these are the best 6 balmy highlighter sticks. And yes, there’s one out there for you. The following recommendations are all a bit tacky,
do not fully dry down, and last about 4 hours without a touch up. Best used on light makeup days when a little glow is all you need.

The Original – Glossier Haloscope

Description: Dew effect highlighter.
Find your light.
What it is: A crystal-infused highlighter with skin conditioning benefits
Why it’s special:
– The stick’s outer core (the “halo”) is formulated with genuine crystal extracts for an all-day glow that’s not glittery
– The solid, oil-based inner core is made from vitamin-rich moisturizers for a hydrated, dewy finish
– Comes in three blendable shades that work on everyone
Shades: 3

Cost: $22/.19oz

The Sheer One – Chanel Baume Essentiel
(also a surprisingly good deal/oz for a designer brand)

Description: Multi-use glow stick.
A moisturizing, glow-enhancing balm for face, eyes and lips. The smooth, silky texture glides onto skin for a natural-looking glow.
Designed with a twist-up case, this sheer, hydrating balm formula delivers a fresh, dewy effect.
Shades: 4

Cost: $45/.28oz

The Dewiest One – Nudestix Nudies Glow Bronzer & Highlight Stick

What it is: A dewy, skin-brightening bronzer and highlighter for the eyes, cheeks and lips.
What it does: This allover face color softly kisses the skin with a dewy, lightweight, luxurious glow. The water-resistant stick is dual-ended with a soft color balm on one end and a blending brush on the other end for convenient application. It delivers a non-feathering, soft look and a dewy, lightweight glow.
Shades: 3

Cost: $32/.28oz

The Clean One – Ilia Illuminator

Description: An instant pick-me-up that brings life to your skin! We like to call it a 1 minute face lift as it instantly gives a soft, subtle light to all the right points of the face and body. No sparkles, no glitter, just pure dew.
Shades: 4

Cost: $34/.15oz

The Sparkly One – Tarte Twinkle Stick Highlighter

What it is: A creamy highlighting and strobing stick for a long-wearing glow that’s powered by coconut, vitamin E, apple, and marine extracts.
What it does: This swipe-on strobing stick is loaded with pigments and antioxidants to help nurture skin and give it a lasting glow. The twist-up highlighter has micro-pearl flecks suspended in a creamy conditioning formula that’s infused with coconut, apple extract, and the exclusive Rainforest of the Sea™ complex. It glides on and blends easily into all skin types, leaving a concentrated glow that instantly catches the light. The formula activates with your body heat so all you need is your fingertips to swipe and blend it on. Wear your favourite shade alone or layer it with the coordinating Skin Twinkle Vol. II Palette for all-out lit luminosity.
Shades: 2

Cost: $30/.31oz

The Vogue-Approved One – Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

Description: This silky, translucent gel highlighter imparts skin with facial-fresh, radiant clarity and encourages collagen production. The iridescent undertone enhances natural skin and flatters all complexions. An easy way to perk up dull skin.
No silicones, no parabens, no PEGs, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances. Vegan & no animal testing.
Shades: 1
Cost: $48/.17oz

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