Designer Spotlight | Oh, the places you’ll go with Giuseppe di Morabito

For the girl who wants to turn heads, meet Giuseppe di Morabito, the 28-year old designer setting the scene for what’s next in fashion, one “see and be seen” influencer at a time.

Founded in 2014, Milan-based Giuseppe di Morabito‘s namesake brand is known for pushing contemporary Italian femininity to its limits. His high-quality materials and technical craftsmanship have garnered attention from major decision-makers in fashion, most notably creative consultant and editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, the iconic Anna dello Russo, and world-renowned digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni.

“The brand respects tradition, yet it renews and modernises it collection by collection. The artistic value of Giuseppe di Morabito’s collections lies in the in depth study and interpretation of historical and visual elements. For he believes in the union between past and present standards of beauty.”

I discovered di Morabito some time ago when I stumbled across some of his amazing polka dot creations at online retailer, Shopbop, and it’s been love ever since. While this isn’t my “I’m gonna take a quick run to the grocery store” style, Giuseppe di Morabito is perfect when I want to be (simply put) EXTRA. Take a look. I promise you’ll be lured in by the whimsy of these eclectic pieces and delighted by his refreshing twist on everything from jeans to evening wear.

SS 20
Resort 20

Available at:
Farfetch (largest collection)

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