Full Face of Glossier + Cloud Paint Swatches | First Beauty Video

Welcome to my first beauty video featuring Glossier and Cloud Paint swatches! This might be the least professional video I’ve ever done BUT in my defense I’m a writer. Still getting the hang of the video thang.

After my last couple of posts I thought I would show some Glossier in action, especially Cloud Paints as I had a few questions come in about pigmentation and opacity.

Glossier Skin Tint in G8
Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium (= G9)
Haloscope in Moonstone
Cloud Paint combinations in Dawn + Storm & Storm + Beam
Swatches of all Cloud Paints (minus Haze, accidentally swatched Storm twice)

Thinking of grabbing some Glossier?
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From Right to Left:
Dusk (dusty rose), Beam (peachy coral), Puff (bright pink) Storm x 2 (deep brick rose/brown), & Dawn (bright orange)
Not shown: Haze (violet)

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