For Dummies, The Series: Cream Blush

Ask yourself this question: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the one piece of beauty you couldn’t live without? For me, it’s undoubtedly cream blush.

As temperatures rise and we dream of island getaways (I haven’t lost hope just yet), I think to myself, well isn’t this the best excuse to wear nothing but cream blush. Probably a strange thing to think, but I was cleaning out my makeup drawer(s) and realized, wow, I own a lot of cream blush. And love ’em all.

Why You Should Always Choose Blush
First, blush. Nothing makes you look more alive than blush. It’s the ultimate, ‘your skin but better’ product. On this, we can all agree. And if you’ve got good blush, you can just let your complexion sing without any need for contour, highlighter, you might even be able to skip foundation. So, why cream blush, especially in summer?

Seen here on our honeymoon in Mozambique wearing Glossier Haze + Beam

Why It Should Be A Cream Blush
There is debate: cream v. powder blush during summer months. And yes, cream blush can for some be too heavy in humid weather, but that’s why it’s worth finding a cream-to-powder blush that blends seamlessly into the skin. Cream blush reacts on the skin in such a hydrating way that it creates this ethereal, glowy cheek. I’d argue it’s the ideal summer product because cream blush is low maintenance and looks more natural than powder blush, which has a tendency to sit on the skin and create texture rather than sinking in. Cream blush is also a true multitasker in that it can double as lipstick in many cases. And some people say cream blush doesn’t travel well? I have never had this problem. If anything I am usually more concerned about my powder blushes cracking into a thousand little pieces at the bottom of my Speedy 40.


How To Cream Blush
Here’s the trick. Find a cream blush for your skin type:
dry skin = key word ‘hydrating’
oily skin = key word ‘oil-free’
normal skin = congrats, wear whatever but look for ‘longevity’ so you know you’ve got something that lasts

Also, apply cream blush geeennttlllyyy. Don’t smear it across your face, and definitely not over powder as it will drag every product sitting underneath. Rather, lightly pat it onto your cheeks before applying powder products to achieve a blushing bride effect.

Seen here on our wedding day in Ortigia, Sicily, Italy wearing
Glossier Haze + Chantecaille Lively

The LUXE One | Chantecaille Cheek Gelee
Description: “A hydrating liquid gel-cream blush that combines the freshness of an emulsion with the lasting power of a stain.”
Cost: $44
Colors: 3 shades in a peach, pink, and raspberry


The BARGAIN One | Glossier Cloud Paint
Description: “A seamless, buildable gel-cream blush that’s fun and easy to wear…If you can finger paint, you can cloud paint.”
Cost: $18 or duo for $30
Colors: 6 shades ranging from neutral to bright orange, inspired by NYC sunsets


The CLEAN One | RMS Lip2Cheek
Description: “A multitasking cream color for lips and cheeks…unique formula that combines hydration and protection with abundant mineral color for a beautiful, natural finish on both lips and cheeks. Pigments are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.”
Cost: $36
Colors: 10+ shade range


The FRENCH One | Rouje Lip Palette
Description: “The Parisian keeps her Les 4 Rouje lip palette on hand all day long. Its colors can be applied with one finger to the lips, cheeks or even the eyes. It’s a beauty accessory that enables to combine shades and choose the level of intensity, for a tailor-made result.”
Cost: $45
Colors: A quad palette available in a pink version, a classic red version, and an orange version; a signature red is in every palette


Others Cream Blushes I Would Recommend:
Nudies stick blushes
Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush
Kjaer Weiss Cream Blush

Bonus Tip: If you want to punch up your cream blush, add a thin layer of powder atop. You will get even better color payoff, coverage, and longevity out of both products.


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